Friday, June 29, 2007

Down 26.4 pounds!!

That is almost a Mary. :) I have had some good days. We had a double baby shower for two of my nieces on Monday. One is due in August and the other in October. It was a little hard to be there, but I survived. I would have been due right between them in September. I miss my little one, but feel that it happened for a reason and that I will see my baby again.

My sister had also made a ice cream sandwich cake that looked sooo sooo good. I just drooled over my Moms. :) But I survived without having any of it. It has been 3 weeks since my surgery and I have lost 26.4 pounds. I have to think of that when I am having a hard time. One of the draw backs that I am having right now, is that I have no energy. I have been doing more in the house (as in dreaded housework) than I was, so I am using more energy. I have yet to make it to the gym. But Mom and I are going to start on Monday. So we will see if that will give me more energy. Also it has been really hot outside, which drains my energy.

I went out with some friends the other night and had a great time. We went to eat at Cafe Villa (I think that is the name of it) and my friend DramaMomma shared some pulled bbq pork and beans for $3.50 and didn't even eat half of it. It tasted great and stayed down :) I am wanting to go back and get more. That is the cheapest meal that I have had at a restaurant, especially since she paid for it. :) (Thanks DM!!) I was a little afraid of go out to eat, but had a great time with great friends.


Tammy said...

Kris you are doing so great. It was great seeing you at the shower. How exciting that you were able to go out and the food stayed down. You are on your way! See you in a couple weeks at the reunion. Love you! Oh Sam said she got your message about taking pictures. If she hasn't already she will contact you back soon. Let me know when you have it scheduled, maybe I will come and watch too.

Selena said...

Congratulations on your progress Kristina. That is so cool! You really are an inspiration to me. Hang in there and keep smiling. The sun shines on you everyday and you are truly blessed.

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