Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New- Celebrity Face recognition

I did this before and I wanted to see if it has changed.

The Business of Being Born

The Utah Birth Network is proud to present a special screening of

(This movie is a MUST SEE - if you're not in my area check the website at the bottom of this bulletin to see if it's playing near you)

Friday February 8 (THIS is the real date)
Displays featuring local mother-friendly organizations and The Shape of a Mother open at 5pm
Movie begins at 6pm

Located at Weber State University (Rm 110)
Davis Campus
2750 N. University Park Blvd.
Layton, Utah

Seating is limited!
Contact Sara Forsberg to purchase tickets
801-643-2633 or
$10 pre-purchase
$15 at the door
$40 Utah Birth Network membership + 2 tickets
Free at the door to WSU Wildcard holders

Birth: it’s a miracle. A rite of passage. A natural part of life. But more than anything, birth is a business. Compelled to find answers after a disappointing birth experience with her first child, actress Ricki Lake recruits filmmaker Abby Epstein to examine and question the way American women have babies.

The film interlaces intimate birth stories with surprising historical, political and scientific insights and shocking statistics about the current maternity care system. When director Epstein discovers she is pregnant during the making of the film, the journey becomes even more personal.

Should most births be viewed as a natural life process, or should every delivery be treated as a potentially catastrophic medical emergency?

Visit for more information

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm still here!!

I don't know why I don't post more, sometimes I think that I don't have anything to say that anybody would care about. I have to remind myself that I am doing this for me. I have been on a plateau for about 2 weeks and am finally (I think) am off of it. I keep telling myself that plateaus are my body's way of getting used to all the weight loss. But I still do not like them.

I had my cousin fly in this weekend and had a blast with her. I even took her to the gym with me. Thanks Selena for the fun. We had a lot of fun talking and getting to know each other better. Love ya Selena.

My new passion is going to the gym. I have gone 12 times out of the 20 days this year. I am really enjoying the classes and they are really kicking my butt. It feels good to be sore and know that I worked hard. I even did the hour and a half boot camp, which was a lot of fun, but hard. It is nice to know that I can make it through the classes now without stopping. Before I lost the weight I could only do about 10 minutes of a class, if that. I also signed up for the Bigger Loser Challenge that my gym is putting on. I hope this helps me get the last of the weight off. It is coming off a lot slower now. But I still can't believe that I only have 34 more pounds until my first goal.

Bobby had his sixth birthday, and had a great science party with 13 of his friends. Then had a family party. I have a hard time believing that he is six. I will post pictures soon of the fun.

Have a great Sunday night.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sorry, I couldn't get the pictures right in the post, but you get the point.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

7 Months Since Surgery!!

Measurements Lost
Neck - 1 1/2"
Upper Chest - 8 1/2"
Bust - 13"
Chest - 9"
Waist - 22" (I can't believe this one)
Hips - 16 1/2"
Bottom - 15"
Thighs - 10" each
Knees - 3 1/2" each
Calves - 3 1/2" each
Ankles - 1/2" each
Upper Arms - 5" each
Lower Arms - 2" each
Wrists - 1/2" each

Sizes Lost -
Top 4x to a LARGE
Bottom 26/28 to a 16
Shoe Size 9W to a 8 1/2
Bra Size 48DDD to a 34D
BMI 52.7 to 33.2
Pounds Lost 113 and 34 pounds to go to my first goal!!!

I can't believe that is has already been 7 months. I am feeling great. I can get through a aerobics class without stopping. I have room to move in most chairs. I have hip bones that I can feel and my ribs stick out. My wedding ring is to big that I should put it away before I lose it. I am excited to be able to go to Lagoon and ride any ride I want to this summer. It is fun to see peoples faces that I haven't seen in awhile and know that they didn't recognize me at first. It is fun to be able to play and dance with my kids and not be out of breath. Bobby thinks it is fun that I can run with him. I am excited to go hiking with my family, and see Waterfall canyon, and other places that I couldn't get to before.
I am excited for what lies ahead of me. My future looks a lot brighter. I have the ambition to do things that I would never have done before, like ride a horse, bungee jump, sky dive, run a marathon. (not saying that I will actually do these things, but now I can)

Hope you all had a great new year!!

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