Saturday, March 27, 2010

8 month surprise!

My friend gave me this toy and it has been out on the patio. So today I brought it in and cleaned it up and gave it to Elliot. This is what happened. He did this a few times. It is fun to watch them do new things, also sad to see them grow up to fast.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Random Pics.

I got this great picture of Elliot. You can really see his eyes and the cloudiness on them. The left one is half cloudy. They are pretty though.
My baby boy when he was sick. All he wanted to do is sleep.

Elliot in the bathtub all by himself. He loves the water.
He loves to look at books. Especially if they have faces in them.
We went to Ogden Train Station and they had a lego train exhibit that the kids loved.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sick Baby!!

Elliot has been one sick little boy. He has bronchitis/RSV, ear infection. He has been very cuddly, and has not been wanting to eat. These have been helping so much. I love these oils. They have been keeping the fever down to a manageable level and helping him breathe easier without breathing treatments. I hate having him sick, but I do enjoy the cuddle time.

I just signed up under my brother, because I so believe in these oils. You can go to here for more information about them, or give me a call and I can set up a party for you. They are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils, from the best sources and they are tested. They are wonderful, and they smell GREAT.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

7 months!!

ELLIOT JAMES JOSEPH WHITE (aka El Jim Joe, Chubba Bubba, Little Joe, and others I can't think of right now.)
My smiley little boy is 7 months old. Is so close to crawling, yet he gets to where he wants to go, most of the time. He has gotten to the point that if Mom walks away, he does not like it. He is also getting three more teeth. Which will make seven altogether. He is in love with food. Carrots were the only thing so far that his body didn't really like.

Whenever I put the camera up, he is full of smiles. He smiles a lot anyways. He is not happy in one place anymore. He gets all over the living room. Which means we have to keep it clean. When he gets stuck, he lets us know. He likes to pull himself up on things too.

He loves being outside on the ground (which has not been a lot). But the weather had been good the last few days and we went out. He loves to explore the leaves, dirt, and rocks with his mouth of course.

He has been doing this a lot. His push-ups. It is so fun to watch.

His smile melts my heart. It brightens my day, no matter what I am going through. It tells me, "Hey mom, life is not that bad, look I'm smilin'." We have been so blessed with him in our life. He has such a sweet dispostion. Look at that belly. He is about 20 pounds. It is about time I get out the 12 month old clothes, the 6-9 months are getting a little snug, as you can see. We put the baby swing away yesterday. He had been stopping it everytime and it didn't swing very well, because he was too heavy. It is always sad to put the baby things away, they grow up too fast. Thanks for the smiles Elliot!

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