Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Cluster's

Profile PictureThis is George and Brenda Cluster. They just got called to serve a mission to Durban, South Africa. I have a story to share about them.  Here goes.  We were living in Downtown Ogden in 1998. We were not active in the Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) at that time.  My parents were on a mission to Indiana at the time.  We started going back to church and then decided to go through the temple.  This is were the Cluster's come into our life.  They were serving as Senior Missionaries in our ward at the time. They gave us the temple prep classes and the missionary lessons.  They became really great friends to us and were a like a mom and dad to us.  They were such a great support to in our lives at that time and we has since remained friends. They were able to go to the temple with us to be a support to us. They have always come to all off our kids blessings. George was there to help Joe become an Elder.
They gave their talks today getting ready to leave for South Africa.  They did an awesome job, and just reminded me of what great people they are.  They are converts themselves, and I believe they have so much to give the people in Durban.  
They later introduced us to their daughter Jen and her family, and we became really great friends. I actually taught her oldest two kids in Primary.  Then they introduced us to their daughter-in-law Twyla and her family and we are great friends.  This family is some of my closest friends in my life.  Twyla has been to almost all of my births of my children as my doula and friend (missed one because she decided to go to Canada and Mary decided to come 10 days late). Jen was to the first two births.   
George and Brenda are a great example to me and many others.  They are always willing to help others and it shows by leaving their life here to serve the Lord for 18 months in South Africa.  They will be missed and I hope and know that they will touch so many lives as they have here.  May the Lord bless them with safety and send blessing to all their family while they are gone.  I have been blessed in my life for knowing them. Thank you for all your love and support to us.  We Love You.

Day at Crystal Hot Springs

Daddy and his little buddy!!
Elliot did NOT like the water, he stayed on Daddy's lap most the day.

Mary loves to be in the water.

John and Grandma Colleen
(this is before he got in the water)


Bobby doing a flip

Bobby and Mikey
(best cousins)

Johnny says HI

A great picture of Dad and Son

Taking a nap on Daddy

Bonnie and Elliot
(Bonnie was a great watcher of Elliot)

Elliot giving Bonnie a big hug.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Day at the park with Family

Bobby tubing down the creek.  

Mary going down the creek.

Johnny!!  Loves to smile

Tara with Baby Charlie

Me and Charlie
Joe and John

Elliot and Bonnie - Bonnie was a great babysitter, she was always right by Elliot.

Uncle David & Aunt Tara with Charlie

Bob and Mikey - They were best buds during Mikey's stay.

Mikey going down the creek.

John and Charlie

Elliot by the creek, he loved throwing things in.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Family Pictures

The Girls

Bobby 10 Mary 7 Elliot 2 John 4mths The White Boys

Thanks to Sam @ OneDayInJunePhotography!  She does an awesome job.
I will try and post more often.

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