Saturday, November 24, 2007


Things that I am thankful for:
*My family *My husband *My kids *My parents
*Our health *My weight loss *Gastric Bypass Surgery
*Music *Friends *My Surgeon *Our House *Joe's job
*Computers *Sleep *Warmth *The Gospel *Being a SAHM
*Strength *Motherhood *Our Van *My Grandma Randall
*Scrap booking *Cameras *iPods *Books *Learning

I know that there is plenty more to be thankful for, but it is late and I am having a hard time thinking. I am so grateful for my family and all that they do for us. My parents are so loving and giving. My Daddy has been sick the last few days with a blood clot, and it makes me so grateful that I have him around. I do not know what I would do without him in my life. He is one of the nicest, sweetest people around. He would do anything for you. He always has a friend no matter where he is. If he doesn't know anyone, he will, and have a life long friend in a few minutes. I love him with all my heart and am so thankful that he had the guts to ask my mom out on a date. And that I came along 13 months after they got married. He has always worked so hard to give us the things that we needed. I am very proud to call him my Daddy. Love you Dad.


Christi said...

I hope that your Dad starts feeling better.
Happy Thanksgiving - a few days late!

The Drama Momma said...

I am so sad to hear about your Dad. He is wondful. You are so lucky. I hope he recovers quickly.

I love your list, I always forget the little technological wonders we have and enjoy to be thankful for, you have inspired me I will get my list posted soon!

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