Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Surgery time again!!

I go in for gallbladder surgery in the morning at 530am. I am a little nervous, but happy to have it taken care of. I will let you know how it goes. I am at work so this will be short and sweet.


Melissa said...

Hope all goes well. I will make sure my family remembers to pray for you. Please do call if you need ANYTHING!!

Sweetpea said...

How are you doing post-surgery? I had mine out when I was 17 and my husband had his out in February. I hope you are recovering well.

Also, where did you get your weight-loss ticker?

Regina said...

My goodness gracious girl! Look at you!! You're tiny. lol

Hey, how's recovery? Call if you need anything!!!

Lots and lots and lots of LOVE

Utah Doula said...

I am glad as went well and your feeling better, how about an update. Call me to do your pictures.

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