Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks!!!

There is much to be thankful in our lives. I can't name them all, but I want to list some. This helps me remember them. These are not in order.
*My Husband. He loves me.
*My Children. They are very good kids, even when they don't listen.
*My Parents. They are the best, they always take care of me, what ever I need.
*My Brothers and Sisters.
*The rest of my family.
*My Grandma Randall. (She is such a wonderful lady.)
*My wonderful friends. (They are always there for me.)
*My health.
*Our house.
*Our food, clothing
*Our Cars.
*The Love of others.
*The Gospel. (It has brought such peace into my life.)
*Our Freedom.
*The Soldiers.
*A Clean House.
*The Internet.
*Music. (I love having music at all times.)
*My Birth rights.
*Home Birth.
*Pregnancy. (Even when I don't feel good.)
*The Special spirit growing inside me.
*My Husbands excitement for this little one.
*Kids that wine and cry and run and jump and sometimes drive me crazy. (It means they can.)
*Sleep. (Which I should be doing right now.)
*Trials. (It shows us what we should be thankful for.)
*A chance to list what I am thankful for.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and to remember all the great things we have in our lives. Even when we are going through some tough times.
Love you all.


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