Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sledding fun

We went sledding for Mary and Bobby's birthday party. It was also two of their friends birthday's. Elliot all bundled up, he even went down the hill a couple of times. All the kids had a fun time. We had hot chocolate and cookies in the van. All the kids were putting snow in the hot chocolate, which we told them not to. They said it was clean snow. No snow is clean, but they didn't care.

Bobby got a snow board for Christmas, and Mary got to use it a lot today. She is really good at it. She has amazing balance for a 5 year old. She rarely fell.

Bobby coming toward me.

Bobby is really good at the snow board too. He also barrowed his friends different snow board, and he did excellent on it.

Here's Mary halfway down the hill.
They all had a great time.


provobaileys said...

How fun. I wish we had enough snow to do anything with. It falls and then melts.

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