Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sick Baby!!

Elliot has been one sick little boy. He has bronchitis/RSV, ear infection. He has been very cuddly, and has not been wanting to eat. These have been helping so much. I love these oils. They have been keeping the fever down to a manageable level and helping him breathe easier without breathing treatments. I hate having him sick, but I do enjoy the cuddle time.

I just signed up under my brother, because I so believe in these oils. You can go to here for more information about them, or give me a call and I can set up a party for you. They are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils, from the best sources and they are tested. They are wonderful, and they smell GREAT.


Gifford Family said...

Oakland has been going through the exact same thing. They finally put tubes in his ears, but we can not get him over the RSV. His breathing has been HORRIBLE! Let me know how the oil works!

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