Friday, September 12, 2008


Each player answers the questions themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answers.The FiveNow, we weren't sure if that meant you should give five answers to each of the five questions, or what. I think that's what I'm going to do, just for thematics.

Ten years ago…
1. Starting school to become a Medical Assistant.
2. Living in Ogden.
3. Not doing much else.
4. Had been married for 4 years.
5. Had no kids.

Five things on today’s “to do” list…
1. Going home and getting a couple hours sleep.
2. Take the kids to a park play date at 11:30am
3. Go to the Credit Union.
4. Do some school with kids.
5. Go to the gym.

Five snacks I enjoy…
1. Cheese stick wrapped with ham slice dipped in barbque sauce.
2. cottage cheese with salad toppings.
3. Lindt Lindor Truffles 60% Extra Dark.
4. Salsa
5. Nut Trial mix

Five things I would do if I was a millionaire…(This would depend if it were one or several millions)
1. Tithe
2. Pay off all debt
3. Make investment
4. Mutual Fund the rest
5. Buy a house

Five places I have lived…
1. Layton
2. Ogden (in a little one bedroom apt.)
3. Ogden (in Joes Grandpas House)
4. Ogden (another little one bedroom apt.)
5. Layton (with parents, now in a nice condo of our own)

I’m tagging…
Katie (both of you) :)


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