Friday, September 12, 2008

My Wonderful, Beautiful Grandma!!!

Go here to see my Beautiful Grandma.

She is a wonderful inspiration to my life. She is so loving.
Love you Grandma


Tammy said...

I have the disc so if you want to order any pictures of Grandma you can. I have to agree with you...she is one beautiful and amazing people in the world. Hands down no question!

anjie said...

Hey, My mom's name is Mary Alice. (Don't tell her I told you. She doesn't love it)

Gifford Family said...

Hey I just found your blog on Camilles! I am always excited when I find more family members blogs! It was great reading more about you. Loved the pictures of Grandma but even more.... Loved the pictures of you! You look AWESOME!

Love Mindi Gifford
Dave Gifford's wife :)

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