Saturday, May 26, 2007

Protective Parents

We have always been pretty protective parents. Our kids are very active and love to run, as in runaway. We usually never let them out of our sights. We have both come to the conculsion that we need to let them take chances, in that they will learn from there mistakes. Of course we still can not let Mary loose by herself, because she will run away and not stop. Bobby on the other hand we let play outside today while we were inside. A FIRST!! He was playing with one of his friends and had a blast. I didn't have much of a fight in getting him to come in, and he was able to let go of alot of energy. (very needed for our kids) It was fun watching him play. I had to stop myself a few times from telling him not to do something, then relizing that he is just being a normal kid and boy. He was not doing anything dangerous, just having fun. I think that was a huge accomplishment for me, as sometimes I forget to let him play and learn.

I think alot of my problems with Bobby are stemming from my weight. I am so tired all the time that I get onery and short tempered. I can't play with him like he needs. He needs to run and jump and get all of that energy out, or it builds up into mischief. He is a boy that loves to see how things work and how they come apart. He loves to learn everything that he can. He loves to have attention. (Alot like I used to be as a kid) I am looking forward to being that way again.

I need to learn how to breath through the rough moments when I want to tell him to stop, and really think 'is he really doing any harm to himself or others' He is very protective of his sister, but he also is a big bother to her to. Which is a big brothers job.

I think both Joe and me learned alot today. I am very grateful that my kids are the way they are. Even though it is hard alot of the times. They know what they want and they are excited about life. Children have an unconditional love that I am very thankful for. You can screw up and they will still love you. (it might take a few minutes, but they will adore you)


Tammy said...

I think all parents are too protective and then you learn that it doesn't work to well. I have been letting CJ climba nd he has cried a bit more but he is so much happier learning bountries on his own!

I love you blog! Thanks for sharing it with me. Yeah someone else to be and addict with!! :o)

annrichey said...

You do learn alot from being a parent. You seeked attention when you were little?!! I am proud of you for being so honest with yourself. I had a hard time doing that and sometimes still do, but it is much more healthy when we can just "let go" of the little things...keep up the good work in all aspects of your life. Love you. And thanks for your blog!

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