Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Busy Days

I need to be better at posting. I have had trouble lately getting my thoughts out clearly and haven't felt like I had a lot to say. I have been staying away from home during the day it seems. Helping out a little bit at mom and dad's. I don't know how much help I have been with my kids there. But we got the yard cleaned up some and they got a brand new deck, which Bobby and Mary love to play on. I sometimes feel like I need to apologize for my kids, even though they are just being kids.
My house and my husband has been neglected I feel. I cleaned today and yesterday, but there is still a lot to do. I have be feeling very anxious lately about a lot of things. My house being one of them. It seems that I can't get on top of it. I think I am just being to picky about it. Joe has been working a lot lately since they are moving a lot of things at work. I think we need to go out on a date night soon.

Bobby is enjoying school and I go and help out at least once a week. Mary still wants to go with him every time.

Well, I am almost at 65 pounds. I am feeling good physically. Mom and I are going to the gym every morning at 6:30am except for Saturday and Sunday. We started last Thursday. It feels good to get it done and I don't have to worry about it the rest of the day. The only thing that I don't like, is getting up that early. I try and talk myself out of it every morning. But someone told me, "Is it worth getting up and doing the exercise or would you rather stay fat." I would rather lose a little sleep. :)

That's it for now.
Oh yeah, I got my hair cut short. I will take a picture later and post.


Missy said...

Really short hair? Cool, can't wait to see the picture.

With your anxiousness, you might find some help with this great product that I use often and do well with. It's called Relax Eze by the Dr. Christopher line. You can get it at Hola Nutrition on Antelope or basically any nutrition store. I'm not sure how, but it really works for me, within hours.

Best to you, Missy

Kate said...

Congrats on 65 pounds lost! Can't wait to see the pic with the cute new haircut! :)

Christi said...

congratulations on the 65 pounds!
I can't wait for the pics of your short hair. I have been debating about cutting my hair. We'll see.

I can totally relate to feeling anxious about not having a clean house, etc. I did find www.houseoforder.com and the advice is good. She has stuff to buy, and of course I did buy it, but it is the same stuff on her site. I like it.

I think we all need a girls night out once a month.

annrichey said...

I am very proud of you, Kristina...please post a picture!!!!

selena said...

I can't wait to see your new haircut. I am so sorry you are feeling anxious lately. I hope you figure out what is causing it and are able to work through it quickly. You are doing such a fabulous job losing weight. Keep up the great work and know you are loved very much. Don't worry to much about the housework, it will always be there.

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