Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Emotional Rollercoaster.

I have almost made it to 6o pounds!! Physically I am feeling great. Emotionally I am up and down a lot. I am feeling the effects of not being able to go to my comfort friend when I am stressed and that is stressing me out more. I really am missing my old friend right now. It's funny, I see this friend all day long. Every time that I have to fix my family something to eat or when I have to eat, I see it. When I drive down the street, I see it. Have you ever realized how many places there are to eat in one block. It is not that my life is that stressful, it is just the fact that I am not dealing with lives normal stresses very well. The joy of raising kids that are very independent and very strong minded is stressful to me. They take after me, I was just like them. Sorry Mom!! We butt heads a lot, which is my fault. I am taking things to seriously. I need to let things go, which is easier said than done. It does help just writing it down.

Other than this life is going pretty good. Mary is wanting to wear panties and she has stayed dry when she has been wearing them. She pulls down her pants and then tries to run to the bathroom. It is funny to see. I keep on telling her that she needs to run to the bathroom than pull her pants down. We even went up to grandmas with panties on and she stayed dry the whole time.

Bobby has been really into video games. Which is good, it keeps him entertained and out of trouble. It will be nice tomorrow when he is in school. It will give me time to go to the gym.

Thanks for listening!!


Tammy said...

mary is funny. It is funny that she thinks that will save her time or she will be ready once she gets into the bathroom. She is a silly girl! I am sorry about the stress thing. It is funny that you mentioned how many "food" places there a block. I have noticed that. I am a stress eater myself. It is good that we notice this. Good luck with finding the balance. I am still working to find mine...I haven't been doing that great the last little while! Still trucking along though!Love ya.

selena said...

Congratulations on your progress. I have noticed like you, food is everywhere and so hard to stay away from. If I had the time to do some counseling I would. I think it would help, but I don't know where I can get the time. Mary is so cool!! I love you and your truly are an inspiration to me to continue my battle to lose weight.

Megan Christensen said...

I was just barely able to get this site to work and I am so glad that I did!! You are doing so wonderfully. I am searching for the self-motivation to join you in this journey you have started. I am finding piece of motivation here and there and I have just found another piece. Thank you. I too am going to need to find another "friend" that I can turn to so if you have any suggestions, please let me know. You are doing so wonderfully!! Congratulations! All of your hard work is paying off and you are looking better than ever.

Love ya!!

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