Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Day Before

Well it is the day before the big day. I am excited and nervous. I went yesterday and had all the pre-op done with another couple of classes. My mom went with me which was great to have her there to support me.

We have to be at the hospital by 12:00 tomorrow. I am not to nervous or scared about the surgery itself, I am nervous about the emotions that will follow. I will be going to counseling to learn how to handle my addiction. I need to re-learn how to deal with all of my emotions. I am excited to go through this journey and I am very happy that I have the support of most of my family and friends.

I just started drinking the nasty drink to clean my system out. I forgot have bad it is. I have had a lot of emotions running through my head today. Excitement for my new life. Scared for all the changes that will happen. Happy for all the changes that will be happening. Anger for some reactions from people. Blessed for all of the support and love from my family and friends. Sad to be losing a friend (food). And more that I can think of.

Bobby had preschool graduation on Tuesday night, which was a lot of fun. He did great on all the songs and poems. He also did a poem with two other kids. He was the only one doing it though. He did an excellent job. It was cute. Here are some pictures from graduation.

I will post more when I am able. Have a great night and may you have great dreams!!

Oh! I want to thank my Daddy, Kelly and Brandon for coming over tonight and giving me a blessing. I really appreciate it. It helped a lot. Love you guys. Kandra, you have a great hubby. :)


Tammy said...

Kris I am excited for you and a bit nervous too. I know theat you will be alright though. Just the same, Please haveAunt Alice put on the web how you are doing. I know it will be an adjustment so if there is anything I can do jsut ask me. Love you tons. You will be in our thoughts and prayers!!

Tammy said...

PS I love the pictures of the kids. Bobbie looks so grown up and Mary is such a doll!

Christi said...

How exciting! I will keep you in my prayers that all goes well.

DramaMomma said...

I am so pround of you. I know your home now. I just got a call form your house. I will return it soon.

Sleep well, rest, recover and take it slow. It is baby steps from this stage out!

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