Friday, July 20, 2007

Closet Cleaning

I cleaned out my closet. I had to call my Mom and Dramamomma to get some courage to get rid of my winter clothes that will not fit me in the winter. I also went through all the clothes that Dramamomma had given me when she lost all of her weight, and got rid of the things that I know that I wouldn't wear. I also organized all my clothes.

I am a size small up on top and smaller on the bottom, but not enough to go to the next size. It is fun to get rid of so much, but also scary. I know that I will lose the weight, but I do have it in my mind that I won't lose anymore. With every diet I have been on, I have gained the weight back. I know with the surgery tool, that I will not. I have already changed some many bad habits. I still struggle with head hunger, but it is not worth it to give in to it.

I do not enjoy eating anymore. It is now a chore to eat, I eat to survive. My tastes buds have changed too. My biggest treat right now is tomato juice and sugar-free Popsicles every so often. My energy is better but I still do not have a lot of it. I am going to the gym at least three times a week, and that is feeling good.

Thanks for the courage Mom and Dramamomma!! It feels good to get rid of all of the big clothes.


Tammy said...

Kris that is way awesome. I get head hungary too. It has been a challenge to not eat when my head thinks I should. I am afraid that I have gained weight this week but I am not going to let myself be upset. It will be fine. Congrats on cleaning out the closet! Love ya tons!!

The Drama Momma said...

You are doing great. Letting go is so important to get to where we are going!

It tells your head that your serious and that you won't be going back there anymore!

You look good. I can't wait to see you. Hopefully soon.

Selena said...

Way to go Kristina. You have inspired me to meet with my doctor and start a program. Head hunger I do fight. But as long as I am busy, I seem to be able to keep it at an arms lenght. I am so proud of you and love you so much. thank you for being such an inspiration!

Sweetpea said...

Good job! You are being so brave. And I noticed your new picture when you posted to my blog, your face looks so thin! Congrats!

annrichey said...

We are all proud of you, Kristina, and do pray for your success. We love you for who you are, which is a great person!

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